Mincon High Performance Drilling Tools

Rock Drill Engineering Ltd is a major supplier of top quality Mincon high performance “Down-the-Hole”, DTH, rock drilling tools that includes:

  • Mincon Down the Hole (DTH) Hammers & Drill Bits
  • Friction Welded Rock Drill Tubes
  • Reverse Circulation Equipment
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Sub Adaptors
  • General Support Accessories
Mincon DTH Hammers

Based in the UK we have a significant share of the DTH market, providing equipment and service as well as offering advice to customers in a variety of rock drilling applications. These include blast hole, mineral exploration, water-well, construction, piling, ground consolidation and geo-thermal.

Rock Drill Engineering Ltd has a wealth of experience within the company. We pride ourselves on helping to bring benefit to our customers by providing Mincon equipment that

Mincon DTH Drill Bits

can offer extra performance, sound reliability, long service life and overall cost effectiveness.

Save Money On DTH Hammers